Lessons at Chestfield Golf Club

Head Professional David Ledingham, who has more than 13 years teaching and playing experience, and full-time Teaching Professional Simon Page are on hand for tuition at Chestfield.

I am pleased to tell you all that I have taken delivery of the new SkyTrak system that has just been launched. This is a full ball-flight monitor system - similar to TrackMan, FlightScope and GC2 - that gives very accurate information on shot distance, swing and ball speed, launch angles, spin rates and it gives full ball flight simulation on an iPad or PC.

It is therefore ideal for club fitting and also indoor tuition. We are now able to offer accurate club fitting sessions on the range, gapping sessions (do you know exactly how far all of your clubs really carry?) and we can also use the system where necessary in lessons. In my experience this is very useful when looking at drivers as launch angles start to become very important and the system can highlight problems you sometimes don't see.

SkyTrak SkyTrak

In the longer run, I am hoping to be able to use the system to its full capacity and that means as a simulator. This obviously requires an indoor facility, which we don't have at the moment but as we now have the system I would love to be able to push the idea forward. In the immediate it can be used as a simulator playing courses on an iPad or a PC. You just won't see the ball flying on the big screen in front of you.


Lessons with David Ledingham

David offers video lessons and playing lessons on course to both members and visitors. In becoming fully qualified he gained a distinction in Coaching and has a unique philosophy and approach to lessons with golfers of all abilities.

Lesson Prices

45-Minute iPad Lesson£35
3 x 45-Minute iPad Lessons£90
6 x 45-Minute iPad Lessons£170
9-Hole Playing Lesson£75
3 x 45-Minute Lessons + 9-Holes£155


Lessons with Simon Page

Simon has been a Teaching Professional for the last ten years and prior to this he played as a tournament Professional for ten years. Simon is just as at home teaching juniors and beginners as he is teaching England scratch golfers, local professionals, and even on occasion the odd European Tour Player (he has coached Warren Bennett and Shaun Webster). Simon offers lessons with video analysis and he has also studied the mental side of the game at length so is able to advise you in these areas.

Lesson Prices

45-Minute iPad Lesson£35
3 x 45-Minute iPad Lessons£90
6 x 45-Minute iPad Lessons£170
9-Hole Playing Lesson£75


For more information or to book a lesson with either Professional, please call 01227 793563 or contact us here.

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